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As Solana's first on-chain hedge fund, we merge proven investment strategies with the power of blockchain technology. Solbank delivers a secure, innovative DeFi experience designed to empower users and boost the entire Solana ecosystem. 

We are a revolution, reimagining wealth management with unparalleled security, efficiency, and profitability. Dive into a world where your assets work smarter, offering real yield, strategic diversification, and sustainable growth.

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How Solbank works

Protocol Participation

Buy, Bond, Stake & Earn

Start your journey by acquiring SB, our native token, which serves as your key to unlocking the full potential of our protocol.

Alternatively you can acquire SB via bonding - trade your assets for SB at a discount, this way you're not just investing - you're actively contributing to the liquidity and stability of our protocol.

Then elevate your participation by staking - it's the pinnacle of passive income in our ecosystem, allowing your assets to work for you.

Treasury Revenue & Growth

Solbank Treasury

The Solbank treasury generates revenues through a combination of strategies, including bonds, LP fees, external investments and arbitrage.

This multifaceted approach leverages both traditional finance and crypto DeFi insights to enhance the treasury's growth, support the protocol's financial health and protect SB holders.

Staking Rewards

SB Token

The SB token is more than just a digital asset. It represents the health and potential of Solbank.

Its worth is directly linked to the effectiveness of our platform's operations, rewarding Solbank stakers with compounding interest, increasing SB holdings over time.


Desynchronized Rebase

Our unique Desynchronized Rebase Concept (DRC) eliminates synchronized market pressures, fostering a more stable investment climate and personalized wealth plans tailored to your holdings.

Smart Bond Issuance

Bond availability are actively managed to limit supply during critical periods or low volume with self-adjusting discounts based on market conditions and demand.


APY during the bootstrapping phase attracts investment and fuels initial liquidity. This APY is dynamic and adjusts based on market conditions, ensuring both platform health and user benefits. 


Token supply expansion remains controlled, preventing dilution. Upon reaching the cap, we transition to our real yield model, where rewards directly reflect the treasury's performance.

Frictionless Experience

There is no trading tax, nor are there any penalties for staking or unstaking $SB tokens. You are free to use your tokens however you want. Trade, stake and utilize $SB on DeFi platforms freely.

Time to join (🏦,🏦) movement.

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